Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tamale Pie

I have decided I'm not the biggest fan of casseroles. I have the best of intentions when I make them but I usually end up taking a few bites and then decide I don't like it. It must have something to do with way too many ingredients all mashed into one dish. Serve me mashed potatoes, turkey and veggies and I'm happy...turn it into shepherd's thank you. There are a couple exceptions like my grandma's potato and sausage casserole or Paula Dean's baked spaghetti but other than that I'll pass. Unfortunately for me, my husband loves casseroles so I will make them occasionally to please him, hence the tamale pie I made the other night. I'm not going to share the recipe because even he thought there were too many tomatoes and it was a little too liquidy but if you have an exceptional tamale pie recipe or a casserole that's always a hit with your family, please share the recipe with me. I appreciate the convenience of the one dish meal and would really like to have some good recipes for future casserole endeavors.

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  1. wow that looks so good!!! I am so bad with casseroles I can only make unhealthy ones lol.