Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lala's Argentine Grill

Recently I was invited to watch a friend compete in a Roller Derby Tournament down in LA. Wow, are those girls tough! It was really fun to watch but there is no way I could ever participate. I'm just not aggressive enough and I'm sure after my first fall I'd be crying in the corner. Congratulations to Laura's team for the win.
Before the tournament we had dinner at Lala's Argentine Grill. It's one of my favorite restaurants in LA. There's a couple locations to choose from. I prefer the one in West Hollywood but Studio City was closer this time.

 Be prepared, like most places in LA, it's valet parking only.

Bread dipped in chimichurri is so delicious. I used the chimichurri on my sandwich as well.

Don't miss out on the sangria. It's so good that I had to have a little sip of my hubby's. I'm sure if I were leaving in Europe I would have ordered my own but American doctors frown on that when you're pregnant.

If you like garlic, you'll love the mashed potatoes.

And if you really really like garlic...have the steak smothered in garlic and parsley. YUM!

Have you ever been to a Roller Derby? What did you think?

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