Saturday, February 20, 2010

Muffins, muffins and more muffins.

My sister invited me over to bake muffins and snickerdoodles last weekend. She volunteered to provide snacks for the ministry team at our church that is hosting a conference which made me happy to see her tapping into her cooking gene. Since baking is one of my favorite things to do, I loaded up my supplies and headed over. We made about 90 muffins total and they were really yummy. It was so nice to have a full day of baking and chatting. We made several different kinds; blueberry, orange peel, oatmeal and one that tasted like Apple Jacks cereal. Yum!
What is your favorite kind of muffin? I love the huge chocolate chip muffins that you can get at donut shops and even though I feel super guilty after eating's worth it.


  1. My favorite muffins are those jumbo blueberry ones that have a crunchy top.

  2. Great work by you 2! My faves are cranberry orange and pistacio - but I like to cut them in half and grill them:)

  3. wow! great initiative... i love muffins and snickerdoodles soooo much!
    hve a sweet day,

  4. Spending a whole day making muffins with loved ones sounds pretty perfect! I cannot possibly pick a favorite muffin. That is way too hard! Butttt I made up a recipe for date nut muffins that is pretty amazing. So that's my favorite of mine. I posted the recipe here if you're curious: