Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

I absolutely love Valentine's Day. It's my favorite holiday after Christmas. It isn't just about you and your partner, it's about showing love to everyone in your life. I baked heart shaped cookies for my friends and sent sappy love cards to my family. Of course, I am very thankful to have my husband to love on and be romantic with. I think every woman wants to feel like she is adored and aside from your wedding day, Valentine's Day is the day you get to be the most romantic and be reminded how much you love and are loved. Yes, I will agree it has its greeting card moments and it has turned into a major marketing ploy, but I don't care. Any marketing ploy that compels my husband to be romantic is fine by me.
The couple times we have been out to dinner on Valentine's Day have not been successful. One year, the waitress spilled an entire glass of wine on my husband's suit, our food was cold when it got to us and the restaurant was so packed with people you could hardly breathe. Now, we always stay home. I make dinner, dessert and we watch movies. Which is what we did last night. I made Gordon Ramsay's beef wellington recipe with mashed potatoes and asparagus. For dessert, a chocolate mousse cake I found on a fellow bloggers site:
Everything was delicious and we ended the night with Forgetting Sarah Marshall and How I Met Your Mother on DVD (have you seen this show? It's really funny. We are working our way thru the seasons with Netflix)
I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. How did you spend your day?

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