Saturday, May 29, 2010

Crepes for Breakfast

Good Morning Bloggers! Today is Saturday which I am soooo happy about.
Does anyone watch How I Met Your Mother? There is an episode where Ted is excited to find out that Robin knows how to make crepes and it inspired me to give it a try again. Quite a few years ago my grandma gave me a crepe pan and I was thrilled to use it. However, after tearing, burning and basically destroying way too many crepes it went to the back of the pantry. This time, I vowed to be patient and just have fun. If I destroyed them, oh well. But I didn't. My culinary abilities have definitely improved. They were perfectly cooked and I was able to flip them Julia Child style. I am now back in bed, blogging while a food coma sets in. I hope you'll give crepes a try. They are delicious.