Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jam Thumbprints

I love the Food Network, which means I also love the Food Network magazine. When I saw a recipe for jam thumbprints I knew I had to try them. I received a great big box of foodie goodies from my grandparents for Christmas and it included many many jars of jam. I decided to experiment with the flavors for the cookies. I also added crushed almonds around the sides. Surprisingly, my favorite flavor was the orange marmalade.

What is your favorite jam?


  1. I have to say raspberry as of late. These cookies look divine! I've been meaning to try a savory jam thumb print cookie recipe that has jalapeno jelly in the center... Maybe this will motivate me. Thanks for sharing and happy New Year!

  2. Cherry Almond is my favorite flavor, from Cherry Republic in Michigan. It has almond flavoring and almond pieces in it!

    Your's look really nicely done :)

  3. These look fantastic! I love that you made little baggies too. Adorable :)
    Favorite jam/preserves: cherry.