Sunday, December 26, 2010

Savory Cafe & Bakery, Ventura

I feel I must start this post by saying I've eaten here before and had a great meal, but this last was bad. Slow service, overly salty food, and just not good. Have you used It's awesome. So when a friend wanted to meet for lunch in Ventura, I used one of my certificates for Savory Cafe & Bakery.
Even though my last meal wasn't great, I'm not giving up on them. It might have just been an off day. I love the atmosphere (we always sit outside) and the menu has lots to offer.

The only soup they offered was tomato. Normally, I love tomato soup. This was not good though. Big chunks of garlic that hadn't been softened at all and monster chunks of tomato. It was as if someone forgot to blend the soup and decided to serve it anyway.
We both ordered the French Chicken Salad which was soooo salty that I couldn't taste anything else.
The only thing that saved the meal- the french fries and dip. So delicious.
Have you ever had a bad experience at a restaurant that you normally really like?

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  1. I ate there last year and had the same problem with the tomato soup - maybe their style is "raw and garlicy grossness"? My Florist down the street has been pretty consistently good!