Friday, May 20, 2011

Jamie Oliver Pancakes U.S.A Stylie

Still cooking up a storm over at I Heart Cooking Clubs with Jamie Oliver.
One of my favorite dinners is breakfast for dinner. Last night I tried out Jamie Oliver's pancakes. This was my first time using egg whites to lighten the batter. I have to say, while yummy, they weren't the best pancakes I've ever had. The outside was a little tough and the inside wasn't as fluffy as I like. I substituted strawberries for blueberries in his recipe. Anyone else loving that it's strawberry season?
Pancakes, eggs, bacon and cantaloupe. What could be better? yum!
Adding a little fancy to my dinner, I served orange juice in wine glasses.

Jamie Oliver's Recipe
Pancakes U.S.A Stylie

• 3 large eggs
• scant 1 cup all-purpose flour
• 1 heaping teaspoon baking powder
• 1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons milk
• a pinch of salt
First separate the eggs, putting the whites into one bowl and the yolks into another. Add the flour, baking powder and milk to the yolks and mix to a smooth thick batter. Whisk the whites with the salt until they form stiff peaks. Fold into the batter—it is now ready to use.

Heat a good nonstick pan on a medium heat. Pour some of your batter into the pan and fry for a couple of minutes until it starts to look golden and firm. At this point sprinkle your chosen flavoring (see below) on to the uncooked side before loosening with a spatula and flipping the pancake over. Continue frying until both sides are golden.

You can make these pancakes large or small, to your liking. You can serve them simply doused in maple syrup and even with some butter or crème fraîche. Or if you choose to sprinkle with a flavoring, try one of these .

P.S. Blueberry pancakes (above) are great but you must try the corn pancakes. On one condition—you must use fresh corn. To do this, remove the outer leaves and carefully run a knife down the cob—this will loosen all the lovely pieces of corn— and sprinkle these raw over your pancake, before flipping it in the pan. I like to have some grilled bacon over my corn pancakes, drizzled with a little maple syrup. This sounds bloody horrid but it honestly tastes pukka!


  1. i love breakfast foods... especially pancakes!

    love the jazzed up OJ!

  2. You're right...doesn't get much better than this. I love breakie for dinner ;) And yes- YAY for strawberry season!

  3. I don't think I've ever tried whipping egg whites into pancake batter, but I bet it does make them wonderfully light and fluffy. They look fabulous!

  4. So pretty with the strawberry on top and they do look very light and fluffy--great pick! ;-)

  5. I am big on breakfast for dinner too - yum! I've done the seperated eggs for waffles before, but not pancakes - interesting!
    Love those strawberries. :-)

  6. I've never tried separating the egg yolks & whites for pancakes - bu worth a try - I imagine it would make them quite light.

    Love the idea of the strawberries with the pancakes. Yum. Unfortunately, where I come from strawberry season has now passed, but I am presently holidaying in Greece, and they are really abundant here right now - loving it!

    Sue :-)

  7. I love breakfast for dinner! It is the absolute best! Bummer that the pancakes weren't stellar- they look yummy! I like making cornmeal pancakes, but I've never added fresh corn to them- must try! Hope you're doing well ;)