Monday, February 20, 2012

Hey It's be a little wimpy

I'm linking up with Amber for Hey It's Ok Tuesday 

Hey It's Ok to be a little Wimpy and.....

to have to close my eyes and turn my head away when I give blood. I'm not a fainter but the needle makes me really nervous.

to not be able to watch horror movies. I still get freaked out when I'm about to turn on the lights by the sliding glass door after seeing Scream and that was years ago.

to not like being in the house alone. You never know who's lurking behind a doorway to jump out and get you.

to shriek like the child and run from a bee. I may be bigger but those freaking stingers hurt.

to have given up hiking because I saw a snake last time. eeeekkkk!

to avoid going to the dentist as long as possible. I'm thinking this time one of my teeth will have to be close to falling out before you get me there again.

So, what are you wimpy about?


  1. I am right there with you on not being able to watch horror movies or being in the house alone. Really I think my house has way to many windows for people to look in at night and watch me eating my ice cream in my pjs.

  2. My husband is a marine so when he's gone on a deployment I am pretty strong most of the time. There is something about being alone in the house without him at night that really freaks me out. I always have the tv on or radio so there is never any silence. I am such a wimp about the dentist too!

  3. The needle makes me SO wimpy. I have to look away as well.

  4. After I saw The Sixth Sense I made people go to the bathroom with me. I was 19 and living in my college dorm. :) I just knew there would be dead people lurking in there!

  5. We are twins. I am terrified all of those things! Scary movies are the worst.

  6. Your Valentine's cookies look great. I did a similiar post only with muffins! I love the melting chocolate heart.

    I am like you on the dentist! Probably the biggest whimp thing in my life and thunderstorms - especially during the night. Oh, yeah, speaking of during the night - nightmares - I have to wake my hubby up to get over those!

  7. Found your blog from the link up! I wish I could give blood, but I faint when I have blood taken for a blood test. No giving blood for me! I love scary movies, but always let someone else turn the lights on first :-D