Monday, February 27, 2012

Poached Egg-Failure!

I should have watched the Alton Brown tutorial before I tried this, not after! I really didn't think it was going to be that difficult. Simmer water, add vinegar, drop in egg, cook, then remove egg. I was so very wrong. It's not simple. It's frustrating, wasteful and a little gross.

Sunny little egg, ready for the pot. Aren't my oven mitts cute? I got them at Anthropology years ago. I've since burned, stained and ripped them but they're still in good shape.

  Into the pot you go........

Egg failure numero uno. Let's try again.

Somewhere in that gross mess is egg failure number two. So, I've watched the tutorial and hopefully have learned from my mistakes. Maybe next weekend I'll try again.

Have you ever poached an egg? How did it turn out?


  1. Ahh...The art of poaching eggs. Just keep trying because once you do, its going to be like riding a bicycle.


  2. My mom makes the best eggs benedict ever and everything single time she makes flawless poached eggs. She always says it's so easy but mine are always a mess! I don't have the patience for it so I mess with it too much in the water. I've learned to like fried eggs on my benedict when I make it at home!

  3. NEVER POACHED AN EGG... AND TOO SCARED TO TRY! :) Yours looked better than i am sure mine would ever look!

  4. I think I've poached an egg, but it has been a while. Maybe there's something wrong with the eggs? I have no idea. I know the water has to be really gently simmering.

  5. I admire the fact that you share your not-so-perfect outcomes in addition to your triumphs! Yeah, egg poaching is definitely an art; and one that I have not yet perfected myself. My eggs always turn out a little frumpy -- probably has something to do with my lack of patience.

  6. I never poached an egg either! That doesn't look too bad. I couldn't do better, I know that.