Sunday, March 18, 2012

Clam Chowder- how do you like it?

When the weather is nice we head to our favorite beach spot Andrias for clam chowder. I've noticed people are very particular about how they like it. Plain, oyster crackers, pepper, extra salt, hot sauce, or malt vinegar....I'm sure there are other preferences too. I like it will tons of oyster crackers and hot sauce. So so good.

My hubby walking away from his crazy wife who won't put her camera down. Fortunately for him, I ran out of battery power right after this photo was taken.

How do you like you clam chowder? Do you have a favorite warm weather hang-out?


  1. mmmm I love clam chowder! i just eat mine plain :)

  2. Malt vinegar? Really?! I like mine with crackers for sure :)

  3. Andria's is amazing!!! Best fish 'n chips I've ever had, and even though I don't like clam chowder in general, I LOVE theirs!

  4. I love clam chowder, but I've never tried it with hot sauce. I'm officially inspired :)

    I really like your blog. I'd love it if you stopped by mines. I'm currently doing a Tiffany & Co. giveaway.


  5. I'm odd and don't like clam chower.

    I do love other soups though.