Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Eating All Day Long

Food takes on a whole new meaning when you're pregnant. For the first 3 1/2 months I couldn't stand being in the kitchen plus I was hungry and nauseauted at the same time. The queasy, hungover feeling still creeps up occasionally but not nearly as often. Now, I like being in the kitchen again but I have to eat while I'm cooking...I feel as though I'm eating all day long. My husband laughs at me because my food for the day doesn't fit into my old lunch bag anymore and I have to pack a grocery bag instead. I'm on target for weight gain though so I'm not too concerned except that some of my cravings are really calorie packed. I'm talking milkshakes, muffins from Starbucks, birthday cake, and crispy tacos. Oh tacos, I could have one every hour. Thankfully my hubby likes Mexican food and doesn't mind going out A LOT.

I recently joined The Dish and they sent me a sample of Bakery Shop pudding. So delicious and perfect right now since I crave sweets after every meal (and sometimes in between meals). You don't have to refrigerate these but I recommend it. I like pudding super cold.


  1. You can have some weird craving while pregnant. Enjoy the journey.


  2. So funny how pregnancy impacts everyone SO differently! Glad you're feeling better now. The pudding sounds like a great treat

  3. Oh how I remember the sweet craving... enjoy! ;-)