Thursday, October 21, 2010

Barefoot Contessa Beef Stew and Office Treats

This dish is unbelievably delicious. So good that I had it for breakfast this morning. The photo, well I'm not a good photographer, doesn't do the stew justice. If only I can send you the smell of this when I walked in the house after work and it was bubbling away in the CrockPot. All the stress of the day melted away. I recommend serving this with crackers or bread. I adapted this for my CrockPot but you can follow Ina's method and I'm sure it will be just as yummy.
I prepped all the ingredients the night before, except for the potatoes, to save time in the morning. I still had to get up early to brown the beef, but it's worth. It's even better as leftovers.

Treats for the office. After I melted the marshmallows and butter together I went to open the Rice Krispies box only to find it was already opened. Did I buy it like that? Were the Krispies now tainted? Are they horribly stale and old now? Did my husband open them? That can't be, since he knows not to touch treat ingredients until the treats are made. I was in quite the dilemma. I hesitantly tasted one. Didn't smell weird, wasn't stale, so I went for it. Dumped what seemed to be an almost full bag into the pot and made the treats. Then I dipped them in melted chocolate since I had some left from another project. It was dark chocolate and not quite sweet enough so I sprinkled some raw sugar on top. YUM!
The husband later admitted to having a late night bowl of cereal. LOL, that's what husband's are for. At least I'm assured the treats aren't poisoned.


  1. I love coming home to dinner simmering in the crockpot. You are right, it melts the stress away. This looks and sounds delicious.

    Plan B

  2. It does look delicious! So warm and soul satisfying.

  3. Those rice krispy treats look soooooo good!