Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rough Day=Quick Dinner

Sometimes, you just have one of those days. One of those days when you want to scream, cry and eat a carton of ice cream in front of the TV. It was a really tough day at work and then I honked my horn at someone cutting me off only my horn didn't stop honking. It was this really loud and long annoying honk which was completely embarrassing. That will teach me to lose my patience while driving. Then I got stuck in traffic and missed trying Zumba at the gym. Has anyone else tried it? Looks like a lot of fun. So, I came home, cried and whined to my husband for a bit, realized we were starving and threw together my version of a croque monsieur, which is basically grilled cheese dipped in egg. That with a glass of wine and too many chocolate chips cookies and all was well with the world again. Well, thanks for reading my rant. Sometimes is so nice to just vent to the world. How is everyone else in the blog world doing? Ever had one of "those" days?


  1. That looks like the perfect end to a totally crappy day. It's like grown up comfort food.

  2. aw :( Totally been there done that. Dinner looks fabulous. Zumba is fun! I teach group fitness so I can rarely make it to any other classes- but really enjoy Zumba when I do!