Monday, March 21, 2011

How I Spent the Stormy Sunday.

Yesterday, it stormed all day. Rain, wind and lots of nasty weather. My hubby and I agreed not to leave the house. So this is how I spent my day......

Comforting my kitties (and myself) that no the house was not going to blow away and yes if the weather gets any scarier it's ok if we hide in the closet.

Blow-drying my sheets because the dryer vent was underwater from the rain and I had already put the sheets in the washing machine. Yes, I could have gone to my sister's or the laundry mat but I was too lazy and didn't want to change out of my jammies. This may or may not mean I didn't shower until it was time to go back to bed.

My house is empty of "real" food since we had a party the night before.
What did I eat?
Frozen waffles.
5 oreos in a mug, covered with milk and eaten with a spoon. Yay- no crumbs.
Mixed nuts.
Crackers and french onion dip.
Half a cupcake.
A few more oreos.

Surprisingly, I didn't watch much TV but I did hog the computer all day. How many hours spent reading blogs? at least 5, there was some time spent napping. How many hours spent spying on Facebook and Twitter? a least 5 with snacking in between.

How did you spend the rainy day? Or if the weather was beautiful where you live, please share.


  1. I was stuck working, but snuck in a nice glass of red wine for lunch. I still would've preferred to stay under a blanket at home.

  2. I love rainy sundays in my pj's!

  3. That sounds like the best rainy day EVER! PS. I could live on french onion dip. Mmmm!

  4. Post party eating is SO FUN. We always rearrange furniture when we have a party, and it always takes us a week or so to get it back. So we just... move into the living room, eating cookies and dip.