Sunday, October 9, 2011

Coffee Republic, Folsom CA I have to admit, Northern California seems to have a much better selection of coffee houses and cafes than we do in Southern California. After hiking by Folsom Lake, we stopped by Coffee Republic for lunch. Super hip and fun inside with nice seating outside.

I started with a snickerdoodle. Mainly because I was starving while waiting for my food and also because sometimes dessert first is a treat. Plus, it was only a dollar.

First, yes I know this photo isn't upright. I can't get it to rotate and I'm too annoyed with blogger to figure it out. Oh well. It's a thai iced latte. I like trying new drinks and this one is really yummy. Mango tea with coconut milk.

My hubby's latte, which since I'm greedy I sneaked a few delicious sips. I swear, if I ever get pregnant I don't know how I'll give up coffee.

Ham, apple and brie sandwich. There was also some kind of berry onion compote on here that was tasty.

My hubby's chicken and artichoke sandwich.
Do you have a favorite coffee house or cafe?
What do you like to order?


  1. Yes I do have a favourite:My coffee house.I do not own lot of fancy schmansy stuff,my furniture is recycled..and the only thing I spend good money on is coffee know the huge one that sounds like a steam lock;)) I love coffee but only at home I can make it to ma absolute taste:)

  2. There's a coffee shop that's too far for everyday visits, but has a fireplace, great mugs and delicious peppermint mochas during winter. Like you, I have no idea how I'll survive w/o coffee when, and if I get pregnant. You totally have me craving a snickerdoodle now!

  3. No lie there was just an article about all the best coffee houses in the US and they were ALL in the Pacific Northwest & NoCal! I work in the coffee industry and I LOVE a good coffee house!

    Thanks for tweeting my giveaway!

    Get Up & Go

  4. Mango tea with coconut milk. I'm drooling. I don't care if it's sideways or upside down, I just want one! My fave coffee shop in so cal is 'Kean Coffee.'