Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Michael David Winery, Lodi CA

I'm baaaccck! Did you miss me? We went to a wedding at the Grand Island Mansion in Walnut Grove and then up to visit family in Rocklin. It was such a wonderful vacation. While waiting between check-out of our hotel and check-in at the mansion for the wedding, we stopped at Michael David Winery in Lodi, CA. I had read the grounds are beautiful and the wine is really good. It did not disappoint. My hubby was the DD so I got to enjoy several tastings of both red and white.
The white tastings were my favorite. 
I didn't bring any home but I'll definitely look for it at the store.

Attached to the tasting room is a small produce market as well as cafe. 
We didn't have lunch but I saw several dishes I'd like to go back and try.
 The grounds are beautiful. They grow a lot of produce on site. 
There's a duck pond as while as an outdoor picnic area.

Obligatory couple's pose. It was such a nice way to spend a couple hours.

Have you been wine tasting? 
Do you have a favorite place to visit?


  1. My mom lives in Napa, so I've been *to* wine tastings quite a bit, but I don't like the taste of wine, so I play sober driver and laugh at my friends as they accidentally get drunk.

  2. Glad you had fun!! I wish i liked wine!!