Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mama Ritas- Thousand Oaks

Pomegranate and Fuzzy Navel Margaritas. yum!

Chips and salsa...also yum!

Albondigas soup was really yummy.

Special of the night- chicken empanadas.
I really didn't care for them but the rice and beans were super yummy.

Chile Relleno was tasty and my hubby said he would order it again.

We tried Mama Ritas in Thousand Oaks with some friends on Saturday night. It was featured on Kitchen Nightmares so we were excited to see what Gordon Ramsey had accomplished. The restaurant was crowded but it wasn't so noisy that you couldn't hear each other talk. The decor was really cool and there were lots of TVs with sports playing which made my honey happy. He likes to keep tabs on the Lakers score. All the food tasted very fresh and the service was excellent. We will definitely be returning. yum!


  1. What delish eats! Pomegranate and Fuzzy Navel Margaritas holy yum!!


  2. How funny! I watch Kitchen Nightmares too, and my husband and I live around that area so we were planning on trying the same place - Great review!