Monday, January 30, 2012

Banana Crunch Muffins- It's been a rough couple weeks....

So, it's been a rough couple weeks and I haven't been able to do much blogging. In late December I found out I was pregnant, for the first time, and then shortly thereafter I found out it was an eptopic pregnancy. I'll spare you the details of what that is but you can google it for more info. So far, I've been able to avoid surgery and had a dose of a very powerful drug that has made me so tired and cranky that I haven't done much but sleep. Tonight however, I'm inspired. I miss cooking. I miss blogging. I miss reading and commenting. Well, there's a lot I miss right now and I'm hoping to find a little joy in recipes and writing until I'm physically and emotionally healed.
I'm going thru all the photos I have saved since before the pregnancy and thought what better place to start then with the muffins I made on a stormy cold morning when the only care I had was what to make for breakfast. 

Ina Garten is one of my very favorite cookbook authors. I've never had a recipe fail. I sat at my kitchen counter on a rainy weekend morning and flipped thru the breakfast section in several of her cookbooks. I settled on Banana Crunch Muffins since I had a few bananas ready for use.

A hot cup a chamomile tea and I'm ready for baking. I must share my mug with you since it's too cute. Every year we take a trip to Disneyland and each pick out a coffee mug. It's a fun tradition and an inexpensive souvenir.
Muffins hot from the oven. I chose to top them with coconut. It added a nice sweet crunch.
My muffin posing for you. I'm still learning about food styling. It's definitely not my forte but I'm trying.

If you're like me, you break pieces of your muffin off to eat in bite sized chunks. I'm not a civilized cut in half, spread with butter and daintily pick up to eat person.

I debated sharing my pregnancy story but I'm hoping that maybe someone will read this and feel a little less alone with her own struggle with miscarriage, infertility or other pregnancy issue. When I found out I was pregnant, the only thing I wasn't worried about was losing the baby so imagine my shock when the ultrasound showed an empty space where the baby should have been. Talking about it has really helped. Hearing other women tell their stories has really helped.  Finding comfort in the support of family and friends has kept me from being swallowed into that pit of sadness that seems to ready to suck me in. So if you read this and want to send me an e-mail or comment because you need a little support, I'm here.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear your news. You must be devastated. I'm sending hugs and blessings and healing thoughts your way....Mary

  2. I am really sorry to read about your loss and sadness. I know that it is a difficult time. I smile that you can take solace in blogging...It is very therapeutic. Here is wishing you happiness and comfort.

    Ina Garten recipes rock! Like you I have never been disappointed.


    P.S. Love the mug.

  3. I am so sorry that happened to you. I know no one ever wants to hear this and maybe it's lame to say it but I think things really do happen for a reason. When I was on bed rest, pregnant with my daughter, the doctors always told me to stay positive. They told me that staying hopeful and happy was actually beneficial to the pregnancy. Something about chemicals in my body... So... Keep your chin up and keep those kind of recipes coming! I loooove banana muffins :)

  4. I'm sorry you're going through this. I'm glad you've been able to avoid surgery though. I hope you're able to heal soon. Glad you're inspired to get back in the kitchen, that always cheers me up.