Saturday, January 7, 2012

Black Bean & Beef Enchilada Casserole

My husband is a huge casserole lover. I really don't understand it. I mean, I like a good casserole but it's not something I crave. For him, it's the ultimate comfort food. Whenever I ask him what he wants for dinner, the first thing he says is "casserole." So now, I'm hunting for casserole dishes. Especially since we're trying to save money and anything that provides leftovers is a welcome recipe in my kitchen.
I adapted this recipe from Sweet Treats and More.

I used 1 pound of organic grass-fed beef from Trader Joes instead of chicken. It has more fat than I prefer, but I'll take it since it's organic and still inexpensive. Also, I added 1 teaspoon each of chili powder and onion powder to the browned meat.

I opted to serve the sour cream on the side rather than in the casserole. I added a 3.8 oz can of sliced black olives. We love olives in this house.

I topped the casserole with 3 stalks of scallions (white and green parts) diced.

It was cheesy, saucy, beefy bean goodness. Perfect for leftovers at work the next day. Just make sure to reheat in a glass container. I found some cheap glass to-go containers on Amazon. Plastic in the microwave is not your friend.

Do you have any casseroles you can recommend?

Any budget meals that are still delicious?


  1. Looks delish! Love the changes you made !

  2. This looks great! Following your blog!

  3. Looks deliciously cheesy...I am going to have to try it!

  4. I am a casserole lover too! Especially Mexican ones. This is looking mighty delicious!

  5. I like casseroles but never think to make them. This one does look awesome, as does this chicken/kale one I saw on Martha Stewart awhile back!

  6. Looks amazing! I love extra cheese!

  7. This looks delicious and I love the fact it's a one pot meal!

  8. I wondered if it you added the green onions before cooking? I usually add mine after, wondered if it makes a difference? Can I assemble it the night before? and if I am making it for two meals, would you reccommend it leftover, or bake each portion on two different days?