Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving in AZ

My husband and I drove to Arizona to spend Thanksgiving with my family. Since my grandparents are older and my mom doesn't cook, I was in charge of the feast. The plan was to leave the house at 3am Thanksgiving morning, arrive at 10am, start cooking and be ready to eat by 5pm. Well, all did not go according to plan. Somehow, I managed to go the wrong way and ended up about 50 miles outside of Vegas before I realized my error. The upsetness and frustration I was feeling was definitely not thankful. My husband slept thru this entire incident only for me to wake him up not because we had arrived, but because he needed to navigate me out of the mess. So, a shortcut thru the mountains got us to my grandparents house 3 hours late. In the end, it was fine. My mom has purchased a much smaller turkey than I thought so we still ate at a decent dinner hour. I remain the laughingstock of my family when it comes to driving to AZ since this is the 3rd time I've gone the wrong way.
I made the usual Thanksgiving dishes since my family likes very traditional food and nothing fancy. I must share this cranberry dish with you. It's fantastic. I know Grand Marnier is a little expensive, but I bought a small bottle and it was totally worth it. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/waynes-cranberry-sauce-recipe/index.html


  1. ugh isn't getting lost the worst? I have family in Lake Havasu and I have managed to turn the wrong way several times!

  2. Lake Havasu is where they live. I've ended up on the other side of the Lake, Kingman and now Primm. Geez! LOL