Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dark Chocolate M&Ms Cookies

Have you seen all the flavors of M&Ms they have now? Seriously, I was at Target recently and there were too many to choose from. I picked up a bag of the Dark Chocolate flavor and kicked of Christmas cookie season.
 I used the Nestle Toll House cookie recipe but replaced the chocolate chips with M&Ms. So Yummy!
Plenty to share with friends.
I have a bag of the peanut butter M&Ms to try next.
Have you tried any of the new flavors? Which one is your favorite?


  1. i love the dark chocolate peanut m&ms. my husband likes the pretzel ones. and we both love the peanut butter ones

  2. looks amazing! perfect for our merry monday blog event- hope you can join!

  3. I am an M&M purist. Dark chocolate is as adventurous as I have gone but I'm kinda scared of the pretzel and coconut ones- too much adventure for me!

  4. Oh, candies and all the sweet stuffs are always on the evolution path; to attract shoppers' attention, hehehe, particularly the kids:p
    As they say, there is always a kid in everyone of us:D
    Lovely bakes, just so festive already!;)

  5. Dark chocolate M & M's???? I haven't seen them and I love, love, love dark chocolate. This could be dangerous. The cookies look so delicious.

  6. these look so good! I made ones last year with regular m&m's and this year I am thinking about doing up a batch with mint m&m's. xo