Sunday, November 20, 2011

Running Musings

Guess what helps get rid of a stitch while you're running.....singing. A friend of mine who spent some time in the Marines explained the reason they chant during their runs is that it helps regulate breathing, therefore getting rid of the stitch. I started trying it, much to my embarrassment, but hey it works. I even sometimes chant Sound Off 123 when I feel a really sharp stitch starting to set in.

I'm sharing this awful photo of right before I left for my 5K because the one they took of me actually running is so so so much worse. I almost cried when I saw it because not only do I look 20 lbs heavier but for for some reason I also look like a man. I'm doing my best to forget I ever saw the photo. 

My clunky but very effective massager is key to my running recovery. I also have a foam roller but it just doesn't compare. The massager really targets the side of my shins and calves which tense of the most. Mainly due to the fact that I need new shoes which I'm hoping to buy next weekend.

 Anybody else want a scale like this for Christmas? Apparently I've made an error in calorie burn judgement with running. I convinced myself that since I was running I could eat anything I wanted and not gain weight. Wrong! Hence my awful running photo. Bye Bye ice cream. You will be missed.

Do you have any running musings or tips?


  1. Ha! I just posted about running a few minutes ago and you are right, singing helps you breath correctly if you get a side stitch. I did a lot of singing yesterday! Also, most people gain weight when they start training for a race, I gained 5lbs training for my first marathon cause I was constantly hungry and thought I could eat everything....false, so false.

  2. Love the tip about singing while running to regulate breathing and alleviate a stitch! I'll have to brush up on my Lady Gaga...tee hee!

    Aw don't look like a man. You look like a beautiful and fit young woman! Too, too hard on yourself.