Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quick Lunch for a Crowd

 On a recent visit to my grandparent's house we had one of those "it's almost lunch, we need to feed everyone but don't know what to make" moments. A quick trip to the grocery store, about 30 minutes in the kitchen and lunch was ready.
I made delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. These were made with Swiss cheese, granny smith apple slices and a little dijon mustard. To get the nice brown toasty color, I spray them with a little olive oil cooking spray before heating them on the stove. I keep batches in a warm oven until all the sandwiches are done and ready to serve.
Grapes with grilled cheese are a perfect match.
Quick pasta salad made with Italian dressing, chopped tomatoes, black olives, scallions and chunks of Parmesean cheese.
Do you have a quick go-to lunch that you make to feed a large group?


  1. I'm sure everyone loved your delicious lunch! I am crazy about grilled cheese, it seems like it's always a hit!

  2. I am definitely going to have to make grilled cheese sandwiches like you did. That sounds amazing and the pasta looks delish! xo

  3. I really like your sandwich combination! I will have to try that.

  4. This looks delicious! I always make a pasta dish similar to this, with broccoli, garlic, pesto and sun dried tomatoes. So easy and you can easily make a LOT of it for cheap!