Monday, May 14, 2012

Franks & Beans

So I've read enough articles on the horrors of nitrates to ban them from my home. Trader Joes has definitely made this easier by selling nitrate/nitrite free hot dogs. Namely turkey dogs which are quite delicious although nothing truly compares with my favorite Hebrew National. I'm keep watching for them to release a nitrate free hotdog. Are you reading Hewbrew National?
One of my quick go-to dinners when I have no idea what to make is franks and beans over cornbread. I've started adding corn kernels to my cornbread to add a little extra nutrition. Just follow the recipe on the box and then add a half can of no-salt no-sugar added corn kernels that you've mashed up. You don't have to mash them but I do because I'm weird and don't like the liquid corn pop that I get when I bite into one.

Do you buy nitrate/nitrite free? Any good products I should try?


  1. Franks and beans were a favorite growing up. Hebrew National remains my favorite hot dogs with all those nitrates-not sure they are easily avoided when you eat processed or cured meats.

    Great dinner idea! Thanks.


  2. I love Trader Joe's hot dogs and their chicken links. I don't usually buy regular hot dogs. This does sound like a yummy easy go to weeknight dinner!