Monday, January 25, 2010

Chocolate Milkshake & Pedometer

Last night I exchanged belated Christmas gifts with family that we hadn't seen during the holidays and I received a pedometer that was on my Amazon wish list. If you don't have an Amazon wish list, I suggest you create one. It makes gift-giving soooo much easier. Anyway, today after what has seemed like way too many doctor appointments and tests I was told conclusively that I don't have anything scary no cancer no blood diseases no ulcers but an allergy. An allergy to what....I have no idea. That's the next step but for now I'm singing praises to God that I can stop worrying. So, I celebrated with a chocolate milkshake and opened my new pedometer. I intend on walking, running and stair-stepping as long as my stuffy nose, watery eyes and swollen glands will allow.
My milkshake....french vanilla ice cream from Trader Joes (the best vanilla ice cream I've ever had), organic milk and some peppermint chocolate mix that I got with a Starbucks gift card when they had their holiday clearance sale. So So Yummy!
My pedometer...ok I consider myself pretty technically savvy but's like that instructions are written in a foreign language. I will figure it out though, it's pink and too cute not to use. LOL

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