Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dos Carlitos- Santa Ynez

Tequila and I don't have a great relationship so I had white sangria. Yum!

Steak torta with chimichurri sauce.

This dish was a little odd, it's chile relleno in sauce.
A little too soupy but full of flavor.

My husband an I were lucky enough to spend the night in Solvang on Saturday night...more about the trip later. We had heard rave reviews about a Mexican restaurant and tequila bar in Santa Ynez and since we are both lovers of all things Mexican cuisine, we had to try it. We weren't disappointed. We went at an off hour, around 3:00, so we didn't have any wait but the host recommends reservations for dinner. The atmosphere is really friendly and the chairs are big and comfy. Definitely a great place to relax and enjoy your meal.

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  1. Ooh Solvang! Love that town! I love their pastries. Everything looks great!