Monday, February 15, 2010

Blue Stove Restaurant in Thousand Oaks

Sweet potato french fries with aioli dipping sauce...yum!

Caramel clay pot chicken....boring.

Short ribs...dry and lacking in flavor.

Risotto cakes with mushrooms...again really dry and boring.

Raspberry chocolate cake...this was delicious.

Saturday night we had a date night with some friends and decided to try a new restaurant. It's called Blue Stove in Nordstroms at the Thousand Oaks mall. It's a small plates restaurant and it's designed for you to share each dish. The presentation of each dish was wonderful but unfortunately almost everything we ordered lacked flavor. It was as if the chef didn't put salt in anything. It' started off great with sweet potato fries and a wonderful dipping aioli and ended great with a raspberry chocolate cake but everything in between was plain and seemed as though it has originally been frozen and then reheated. We all agreed we won't be returning unless it is for dessert or a glass of wine.
On another note, the girls saw Valentine's Day, typical chick flick with a happy ending. The boys saw Wolfman and they were disappointed. Did you see any movies this weekend?


  1. That stinks about the food:( Hopefully it will get better as they get more into their groove. I cant wait to see Vday - we rarely go to the movies, though, we just wait for them to come to On Demand:)

  2. I went to see Wolfman this weekend...I was disappointed too. The food at that restaurant looks fantastic.

  3. It all looks delicious, esp. the dessert!