Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cranberry Orange Oatmeal Cookies

Louanne over at Louanne's Kitchen is featuring 12 weeks of Christmas cookies and I couldn't wait until Christmas to try these. I had to use frozen cranberries since fresh aren't available in my area yet and I didn't do the gluten-free option. These cookies are so delicious. We devoured so many right from the baking sheet that I knew they'd be dangerous to have in the house so I sent the rest to work with my hubby.
Check out Louanne's blog for the recipe.
Are you planning your Christmas baking yet? I'm definitely not ready. I'm savouring Fall right now and not in a hurry to get to Winter.


  1. Many thanks for the link love! I'm so happy you all liked them - they are addictive :)

  2. Oh WOW these looks amazing.

    I love adding cranberries to things.

  3. mmm. i love the combo of cranberry orange. i've had muffins in that flavor combo, but never cookies. yum

  4. Oh my gosh yum!!!! And I am definitely not ready for christmas at all!