Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trail Mix

If I go too long without eating, I get very cranky so I like to have a snack readily available if it looks like my next meal is too far in the future. Trail mix is one of my favorite snacks to keep in my desk at work. It lasts forever and is easy to make at home. I tend not to buy ready-made trail mix at the store. It usually contains a couple things I don't like or is too salty for me. Plus, it's cheaper in the long run to make my own and I can control the ingredients.
This mix contains:
Dried apricots
Raw walnuts
Lightly salted cashews
Banana chips cooked in coconut oil
Dark chocolate covered raisins
Lightly salted almonds

What do you like in your trail mix?
 I'm a fan of sesame sticks and Chinese crackers too.


  1. This has the perfect combination of sweet, salty, and crunchy.

  2. i'm with you on making your own trail mix. i love dried apricots and banana chips; well, pretty much everything in this i love