Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Attack of the Orange Food

The first thing I thought when I uploaded this photo was "wow, that's a lot of orange." If you have ever shopped hungry, you know that your cart starts to fill up with everything that looks evenly remotely delicious. Well, that's how this meal came about. BBQ chicken, baked beans, roasted sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, garlic bread and there was even dessert which I failed to take a photo of. So much delicious food all on one plate.
The nice thing about shopping hungry is sometimes you pick up a winner. I loved this bbq sauce. I bought it at Fresh & Easy and will definitely be buying it again.
Have you ever shopped hungry? Trader Joes and Fresh & Easy have those little sample tables which helps to curb the tummy rumbling a little but I still end up buying more than I need.


  1. I can't shop when I'm hungry or I end up buying half of the store. HUGE nightmare. : )

  2. that is a lot of orange! looks delish though- those beans and that chicken have my mouth watering at 8 am!

  3. Adorable. Love the uniform color scheme! It always makes shopping for clothes easier in a store, right? Why not use it for food, too?!


  4. I try so hard not to shop when I am hungry because I always fail to stick to my list! Something always ends up in my cart that I do not need! I will have to see if I can find that sauce. My son loves BBQ and trying new sauces.

    ~ Tracy

  5. I am an actual wolf when I shop hungry! Your food looks delicious! I am a new follower :) Great blog!