Friday, July 22, 2011

Sour Cream Cake with Candied Orange Peel and Marmalade

Southern Living is having a Holiday Cake Recipe Contest. They provide a few cake batter recipes to choose from and then you create the rest. I chose the Sour Cream Cake Mix batter to start with and thought I'd work with oranges. While this recipe is good, I don't think it's award-winning so I'm going to keep experimenting until I find the perfect Christmas cake.
I started by making candied orange peel. I'd never done this before but it couldn't be easier and it's really yummy. My hubby kept sneaking pieces while they were drying.
The filling is 1 cup of fresh whipped cream mixed with 1 cup of orange marmalade.
The frosting is 1 cup of whipped cream combined with 1/2 cup marscapone cheese, 1 teaspoon vanilla and 2 Tablespoons of sugar.
It was definitely a fun and tasty experiment. I'm thinking of trying something with cranberries next. What do you think?
Oh, and it's FRIDAY!. Yay!
What do you have planned for the weekend?


  1. Wow! It looks so yummy! Great shots too.Thanks for sharing. Love your space and the header.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  2. Hope you find an award-winning cake. This one looks delicious, too. I'd like to invite you to share your recipe on A Well-Seasoned Life's Sweet Indulgences Sunday.

  3. I love making new cake recipes. Thank you for the new one.
    New follower from Sweets for Saturday. Hope you follow back.