Saturday, July 16, 2011

Brendan's Irish Pub and Restaurant Review

Last night was party time, birthday style, at Brendan's Irish Pub and Restaurant then back to my place for cake and ice cream. Our good friend was celebrating his birthday and picked Brendan's for dinner. At first, I wasn't thrilled since I'd been to Brendan's when they first opened and the food was not good. However, I'm so glad to have tried it again since this time was much better. The food is much improved and the chef came to our table to introduce himself and deliver our dishes. If you're a beer fan, you'll love the huge selection they have. The atmosphere is fun but very loud. Beware of the strolling bagpipe player as it scared me when he sounded the first note. It was charming in the beginning but became a little too frequent. We sat in an alcove on the side which was great for our party size and private enough that we could talk and be heard clearly over the restaurant noise.
We started with the Irish Nachos. Can I just say, there is A LOT going on in this dish? Thick-sliced potato chips, Heinz beans (which I love), cheese sauce, sour cream, tomatoes, scallions, ground beef, peas and jalapenos. The peas bummed me out since I'm not a pea fun but the rest was tasty.
Prime Rib Sliders. Just OK. The buns were soggy and the onion on top was bland and cold. The prime rib itself was good as were the caramelized onions but the horseradish dipping sauce definitely needed more heat.
Croquettes- SO SO SO YUMMY. You must try these. Perfectly crisp, cheesy balls of potato goodness. I could have eaten many more plates of these.
The birthday boy with his filet mignon entree. He said it was delicious. Also, something great about this place, your entree (any entree you choose) is free on your birthday.
I will definitely be returning to try more dishes. There is a chicken curry entree that looks delicious.
Have you ever returned to a restaurant that you originally didn't like and changed your mind?

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