Tuesday, July 5, 2011

BBQ Ribs and Eats

BBQ ribs are one of my favorite grilled dishes. My husband makes delicious ribs. I don't let him make them very often because so so many calories and I can't help but eat at least half a rack by myself. He marinates them overnight, then puts on a dry rub, slathers them in his own bbq sauce and then loving sprays them with apple cider every half hour while they cook. He's a man who can cook and that's quite sexy.
We announced it was rib day to our friends and they brought the side dishes.
My hubby's ribs. I'm going to try and convince him to do a guest post and share the recipe. I'm bummed I didn't get a photo of him at the grill.

Jenni's pasta salad. Thanks for letting me keep the leftovers.

I made these beer and cheese biscuits.

Jen's broccoli salad. She made sure we got our greens for the day with crispy delicious bacon on top. Thanks Jen.

Todd's sweet potatoes, well actually these are from Bandits, but Todd gets credit for ordering and picking them up.

It must have been a blast because everybody stayed til after midnight, 3 bottles of wine were recycled and my patio furniture ended up in the garage for an impromptu poker game.
What did you do for the long weekend?


  1. Nothing is better than a cookout and a man that can cook for you!

    I had a great weekend- hiked each morning, did yoga, and saw my family.


  2. i am coming to your house next 4th of july~!