Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Woolworth Building- Experimental Cafe

So has been a great New Year's Eve. A friend at work took me to lunch at the Experimental Cafe which is in the restored Woolworth Building in Oxnard. If you are ever in Oxnard, this is a great place for lunch. Otherwise, stay away from Oxnard. I grew up there so I can talk smack, but you can't. LOL. When I was little, Oxnard was tons and tons of fields and miles and miles of beach. Now it's too crowded, full of run-down buildings, strip malls and constructions projects that never seem to be completed. Ok, enough of the rant and on to the food. We started with bruschetta...the bread was warm and toasty, the tomatoes were fresh and the shaving of parmesan cheese oh so yummy. Then I had the roast beef panini and she had the italian panini. The panini was good, although the onions were cut too big. On the side were pita chips and hummus....yum! Dessert....oh my goodness....heavenly coconut cake. I LOVE coconut cake. I will definitely be going again for lunch. Thank you to Teryn for treating me to lunch. If you read this blog, know how much your generosity and kindness are appreciated.

Here is the link for the restaurant should you choose to be brave a visit to Oxnard (AKA the Nard).

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