Monday, June 14, 2010

Los Arroyos in Camarillo

I love love love mexican food. Chips, salsa, lots of cheese....what could be better? I was so excited when they opened a new mexican food restaurant in Camarillo and I couldn't wait to try it. They have this same restaurant in Santa Barbara and I had heard good things about it. Unfortunately, I was disappointed.
First of all, they do not give you chips & salsa. Pardon me, but, WTF?!? That is my favorite part. No chips & salsa? This was a major strike. You can order it as a side but then you have to pay for refills. I did order some, they were tasty but nothing fantastic. I ordered enchiladas for my entree which were good but a little dry. I poured some extra salsa on top and then they were really yummy.
The atmosphere is nice, but it's a weird ordering process. You pick your own seats after they hand you a menu, order at the counter and then they bring the food to you. They didn't give us a number or anything so I guess they go by memory on who ordered what.
I have to say, Yolandas still rocks and I'll be sticking with them.

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  1. Lame! I hate when mexican food places aren't as good. I stick with Yolanda's too!