Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This is why my Wii Fit is mean to me.

I love love love sprinkled donuts so when a co-worker brought them in I had to have one.
The flowered thing is my mini Starbucks to-go coffee mug.
I can't drink much coffee so I was thrilled when Starbucks sold mini mugs.
I made a latte for myself to go with my donut. YUM!

Co-worker 60th Birthday Party means catered Mexican food lunch.
So So delicious.

Co-worker birthday also means cupcakes.
This is spice cake with cream cheese frosting.

My honey and I went to the LA Farmer's Market a couple weekends ago to have breakfast.
This is his huevos rancheros with black beans and a horchata.
My first time tasting horchata and it was delicious.
I definitely drank more than he did. Luckily, he doesn't mind sharing.

Especially since I shared my pecan waffles and bacon from him.
It took FOREVER to receive my order but it was worth it.
I got this breakfast from the stand in the photo below.


My honey wasn't completely full after his huevos so
he hunted up some jambalaya, collard greens and a corn muffin.
I have to say the only yummy part for me was the muffin.
The jamabalaya was a lot like chili and contained very little meat.
Also, I do not like collard greens but my honey thought they were ok.

Dinner was Cronies.
It's a great super casual sport bar that serves awesome sandwiches and nice frosty beer.
This is my tasty grilled chicken sandwich with fries of course.

Here is my honey's turkey burger. Also, very tasty.

Then, there is ice cream. Sweet, delicious, creamy ice cream.
This was my first time trying these flavors from Starbucks.
The hot chocolate was my favorite.
So, as you can see, I was scolded by the Wii Fit for my unhealthy behaviors. It hasn't yet come out and told me I'm fat nor has my Mii blimped up but I've heard that can happen so I'm trying to be good this week. Well at least until the Lakers Play the Celtics on Thursday, then it's pizza time. GO LAKERS!


  1. I'm such a sucker for anything with sprikles on them. They're just so darn cute and yummy!

  2. I love anything with sprinkles on it! When I was little I hated taking medicine so to get me to take it my mum would put sprinkles on it...they make everything better! All the food looks amazing!