Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Brisket and Blueberries

Sundays are big football days in my house and for our friends. We were invited over to a friend's place for brisket and football last Sunday. I love brisket and this one was delicious. I brought dessert, a blueberry & lemon crostata that I've posted about before. It was a great day, other than the Bears lost, but they are still going to the Playoffs. yay!

Do you have a favorite football team? I'm partial to the Chargers since I'm fairly close to San Diego, but the Bears have my heart.


  1. Wow! this looks absolutely amazing!!!! I am from Michigan so the Lions (sadly) have my heart lol. But I love the broncos and the pats both have University of Michigan players lol


  2. Now that my boys are grown, I really do not pay attention to football anymore. The blueberry & lemon crostata looks delicious! Your baby Mason is a cutie! He reminds me of one of the cats in my neighborhood who tries to pretend he is a stray and comes over to eat at my house! Not sure where he lives, but he is very well fed! Let’s just say he is fluffy… I like your new bedding and canopy. I am going to try the Mozzarella, Raspberry & Brown Sugar Panini. Looks great! I would never have thought to put mozzarella with raspberry and brown sugar.

    Happy New Year!

    ~ Tracy

  3. Mmm your blueberry galette is beautiful! I really have no favorite team but it's still fun to watch. :)