Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Brie, Figs and Crackers...So Yummy

I won some coupons to try Alouette Cheese from Cinnamon Girl Recipes back in November. And it's taken me this long to use one of them, oooops. I'm so glad I finally remembered to take my coupon to the store, remove it from the pouch in my purse and purchase free cheese. Of course, then I had to buy fig preserves and crackers to go with it which weren't free but that's ok, it was worth it.

I tried Alouette Brie Cheese. I love brie, but I don't love the rind, so being able to purchase it without the rind was a big plus for me.

The fig preserves are from France. I was feeling in the mood to be a little fancy and the extra couple dollars were worth it since the cheese was FREE....I get way to excited about not having to pay for something. Thanks Reeni.

Now doesn't that look just delicious?

What is your favorite cheese? 


  1. That really does look delicious!! I want some brie and fig preserves now!

  2. That looks amazing. And it makes me want to go to Europe. =)

  3. I can't stand the rind! I didn't realize they came without - now I need to go find it!

  4. Brie and fig are one of the greatest combos ever! So yummy. I'm glad you're enjoying your cheese! And you're very welcome!

  5. fig preserves look so good! Andy doesn't like brie because of the rind so I wonder if he'd like this.