Monday, February 20, 2012

Such a Pretty Salad

Let's talk salads. I don't really like them. Which has the healthy girl inside me constantly nagging to eat more veggies but I make her be quiet more often then I should. For me, lettuce is like wet paper. It almost makes me want to gag but I'm trying to overcome this revulsion in baby steps. I had a pear that was perfectly ripe, lettuce in the fridge that I keep for my hubby's lunches, feta cheese, and balasmic vinagrette. All the ingredients to make this very pretty salad......

So now you have to ask me, "Danielle, did you eat this very pretty salad?" And I will reply, "Um no, but I made it lovingly and it was too pretty to throw away so I gave it to my husband to eat." He thought it was delicious.

Any advice on how to truly enjoy salads?
Is there any food that has you gagging?


  1. I would say that salads do not have to have a lot of lettuce or switch up the flavors. A couple of my favorites:

  2. i am not a huge fan of lettuce either... why eat a salad when you can have a burger?!

  3. It looks yummy but I am not quite sure if I would like it. Lettuce is not my favorite vegatable:) I have a giveaway on my blog so feel free to join it:)