Monday, August 30, 2010

Apple Bread and In Need of Running Advice.....

Delicious, wonderful, warm and cozy apple bread. I found this recipe on I will definitely be baking it again soon. I like to make these types of recipes on a Sunday so I have breakfast for the week all ready to go.
Ok, on another note.....does anybody have lower back pain when they run or your shins really hurt? I can't figure out if it's my posture, my shoes or I'm just getting old (sad face). Sometimes the pain in my shins gets so bad I have to stop. What is up with this?


  1. yes, yes, yes on the shin pain. It's been a problem for years. I bought a foam roller from Target and I roll out my shins every night and it helps tons! I just googled for youtube videos and it helped teach me how to use the foam roller.

  2. That bread looks delicious! Must try!

  3. It could be shin splints. Did you start running long distances all at once or did you ease into it? It also could be the surface you're running on. Some, like concrete, are harder on your body than things like asphalt.

    Also...I love your blog!! So fun to read :)