Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Melting Pot- Fondue Date Night- YUM!

Have you been to the Melting Pot?

If you haven't, you must.

We brought our own wine. $15 corkage fee. Trivia question: do frog's really have teeth? delicious. This was their Feng Shui cheese. It was a little spicy since it has horseradish in it (which I love)

We each had a different salad. This is Cesar.

My House Salad (with extra croutons and dressing) Yes, I was super indulgent.

Mushroom salad.

Meat course- this is the French Quarter. We cooked our meat in the Vegetable Broth.

Delicious dips for our meat and veggies. I loved all of them.

Ying Yang Melted Chocolate. TOTAL BLISS!

Strawberries were the best with the chocolate but major recognition goes to the rice crispie treats as well.

Do you have a favorite restaurant that you go to when you want to feel pampered and indulgent? We spent 3 hours at the Melting Pot and the bill was about $120, not bad for a group of 4.


  1. yum!!! I love the melting pot!!!


  2. Very cool! I have never been but have always wanted to go. I'm not sure about feeling pampered, but the presentation of sushi makes me feel pampered :)