Friday, November 11, 2011

A Tribute To My Dad- a Veteran

This is my favorite photo of my dad and me.
Ducks make me smile because of this memory.
I was young when it was taken.
Too young to remember how old I was at the time,
but old enough to remember the moment.
He died when I was old enough to know my exact age
and he was too young to leave us.
 He served our country as a Navy Seal with 3 tours through Vietnam.
He instilled in me patriotism and love for my fellow man.
He loved his family with a protective fierceness
that I will always cherish.
He loved God and modeled faith for me.
He's a veteran and a hero, but most importantly My Dad.


  1. This post gave me goosebumps, Danielle. What a great father you had. You two look so happy and what a great picture. LOVE IT!

  2. What a lovely tribute to your dad. I love the picture. It is so hard to have one of your parents die.

  3. It is great to have such a wonderful memories.Thank you for sharing:)